Public Works Permit Forms

Driveway Permit.  A Driveway Permit is for a new, individual or redevelopment of an existing driveway.  A Driveway Permit is not required when the driveway is part of an overall development such as a new commercial building or neighborhood.  There is no fee for this permit.  A City inspection is required prior to completion of work.

Land Disturbance Permit.  A Land Disturbance Permit is required for any land disturbed of more than 1 acre or as directed by the Stormwater Program Administrator.   Fees vary based on total disturbed acreage.  Pre-construction meetings are required.  City inspections are required before and throughout completion of the project. Checklist - Land Disturbance Permit. Performance Bond Form. Letter of Credit Form.

Inspection and Maintenance Agreement.  An Inspection and Maintenance Agreement goes hand-in-hand with the Land Disturbance Permit.  This Agreement is recorded at the County's Register of Deeds and the original returned to Public Works. 

Right-of-Way Permit. An ROW Permit is issued to individuals or businesses that will be digging or working within the City's right-of-way. Some examples may include water line repair, gas line installation, etc.  The fee is $100.00 each and a $10,000 bond is required.  This form is available at Public Works and is not available online.