Stream Watch

The Stream Watch Program 


Slaters Creek
The city of Goodlettsville and local volunteers has teamed up to provide an expanded opportunity for local citizens to participate in a water quality improvement program.

The Stream Watch program was established as a means of opportunity for concerned citizens to meet on a regular basis to report and discuss water quality issues regarding their local streams and waterways. Volunteers monitor the local streams in various capacities including: trash pickup, illegal dumping, excessive siltation, recognizing unhealthy plant life, measuring Dissolved Oxygen, pH (acidity), turbidity (clarity), and water temperature.

Participants have a hands-on opportunity to assist with stream clean-ups, ordinance and reporting review, environmentally-based festivals, water testing, illegal dumping reporting, etc. – all in an effort to help clean up, keep clean and restore health to our local waters.

The streams within our communities are designated as impaired by the EPA. They include: Dry Creek, Lumsley Fork, Madison Creek, Mansker Creek, and Slater’s Creek. Come alongside us to help improve our water quality right at home!

As citizens, each of us has the responsibility of ensuring our water is as healthy as it can be. Help us by becoming a volunteer. Any concerned citizen who’s willing to put their time and energy into a worthy cause, various citizen groups, as well as teachers and their students who are eager to learn about water quality, are encouraged to participate. Donating your time to help our streams regain their life, vibrancy and health will make a great difference and be a huge asset to the stream.

The group meets quarterly to assign areas of responsibility to its volunteers, discuss information collected and appropriate actions to be taken (this will be decided by Goodlettsville’s stormwater department). Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in World Water Monitoring Day (September 18 - October 18). We will provide the testing kits and instruction on how to use them. These events, when added together, go a long way in educating our citizens and helping improve the quality of our local waterways.

Volunteer today to help make a difference!

View a Landowner's Guide to Streambank Protection and Stabilization booklet produced by TDEC.

Stream Watch Volunteers

*Volunteers periodically inspect our local creeks and streams for trash, dumping, excessive siltation, unhealthy plants and animals, Dissolved Oxygen, pH (acidity), turbidity (clarity), and temperature.
*Help plan, advertise and participate in annual stream clean-ups and various outreach opportunities.
*Recruit other citizens and civic-based groups to join us in our efforts.
*Meet quarterly to discuss our recent findings and upcoming events. Check the calendar for updated meeting time and place information. You may also sign up for Notify Me.
*Provide input on ordinance reviews and annual reporting.

Outfall Inventory Reporting

For each segment of the stream that's been inspected, report your results using the online form.

This form gathers pertinent and very important information on drainage areas which carry runoff directly to our streams.

An outfall is defined as anything which channels runoff directly to the stream. This could be a curb cut, a pipe, culvert, earthen channel, etc. These items need to be documented as thoroughly as possible.

Thank you for volunteering your time to gather this extremely useful information which will help us improve the life and quality of the stream.

Visual Assessment Inspection Reporting

Following a visual inspection and assessment of a segment of the stream, report the results by using the online form.

This form provides a picture of the visual inspection of the life, health, and vibrancy of the stream.

Visual stream assessments are important and play a key role in defining the health and welfare of a stream.

Thank you for volunteering your time to gather this extremely useful information which will help us improve the life and quality of the stream.

World Water Monitoring Day

Join us as we monitor our local water bodies! Annually, we have volunteers gather to test our local streams and creeks.

Test kits are provided and volunteers are shown how to use them to gather this important information. Volunteers have the option of selecting the stream or creek segment(s) within our local jurisdiction that they wish to test.

Volunteers record the results and report them to us. Once we receive the information, we submit that to a database. This database contains results from people around the world who have also taken the time to monitor their local waters.

For more information on this program visit World Water Monitoring Day or the EPA.

World Water Monitoring Day flyer


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The stormwater hotline for Goodlettsville is (615) 859-2740 
This is the number for the collection of information regarding water quality concerns.
In addition to calling the hotline number to report a violation, you may also complete the Stormwater Violation Reporting Form.