Stream Clean-Ups

Recent Clean-Ups include:

Mansker's Creek/Williamson Road, Dry Creek/Dry Creek Road, Cartwright Street, Exits 97 & 98 - March 2017
See the areas we cleaned, how  much trash we collected, and the volunteers whom made it all possible.

Mansker's, Dry and Slater's - October 2016 - See photos, See Event Totals

Mansker's - April 2016
See the areas we cleaned, how much trash we collected, and the volunteers whom made it all possible.

Mansker's, Dry, Slater's - April 2014
Slater's - November 2013
Mansker's - August 2013
Mansker's Creek, Dry Creek, Slater's Creek, and Lumsley Fork - March 2013
Mansker's - November 2012
Mansker's - April 2012
Slater's - March 2012
Mansker's - October 2011
Slater's - July 2011
Mansker's, Slater's, Lumsley, Madison, and Dry Creeks - April 2011
Mansker's Creek - November 2010
Slater's and Mansker's - October 2010
Slater's, Mansker's, Dry, Lumsley, and Madison Creeks - July and August 2010
Slater's Creek - July 2010
Dry Creek - June 2010
Town Creek - May 2010
Slater's Creek - March 2010
Mansker's Creek - November 2009
Walker's Creek - August 2009
Mansker's Creek - August 2009
Mansker's Creek - April 2009
Town Creek - May 2009
Dry Creek and Slater's Creek - June 2009

We've had hundreds of volunteers assist with stream clean-ups and have successfully removed thousands of pounds of trash, debris, and hazardous waste from our creeks.  Still, more help is needed.  Join us for our next clean-up and help make a positive difference in the life of your stream and your water quality!


The stormwater hotline number is (615) 859-2740.
This is the number for the collection of information regarding water quality concerns.
In addition to calling the hotline number to report a violation, you may also complete the Stormwater Violation Reporting Form.