Stream Clean-Ups

The City of Goodlettsville is Hosting a Community-Wide Stream Clean-Up Event


Goodlettsville, TN (September 17, 2016) – The City of Goodlettsville is hosting a community-wide stream clean-up event on Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. All participants will meet at the Public Works Department @ 215 Cartwright Street in Goodlettsville and will then proceed to staging areas that will be throughout the City of Goodlettsville.  Gloves, bags, t-shirts, snacks, certificates, and the opportunity to help make a difference in your local community and watershed, are provided!

Your community’s stormwater department and local volunteers, such as yourself, are working together to clean up and maintain the area’s water resources, Slater’s Creek, Mansker Creek, and Dry Creek are impaired urban streams that are in need of community action.

 “The community involvement in this area is exceptional.  This clean-up helps our community meet our annual MS4 public participation requirement from TDEC as well as bring local volunteers together with a common goal.”  “We want to make a positive difference, so we’ve come together to organize a true, community-wide event”  

Citizens who are interested in local water quality and the health of our local water bodies are also encouraged to contact us on the websites “Notify Me” or our main office. or

For more information:

Sherry Montgomery- Administrative Assistant II

Warren Garrett- Stormwater Coordinator

(615) 859-2740   

Recent Clean-Ups include:

Mansker's - April 2016
See the areas we cleaned, how much trashed we collected, and the volunteers whom made it all possible.

Mansker's, Dry, Slater's - April 2014
Slater's - November 2013
Mansker's - August 2013
Mansker's Creek, Dry Creek, Slater's Creek, and Lumsley Fork - March 2013
Mansker's - November 2012
Mansker's - April 2012
Slater's - March 2012
Mansker's - October 2011
Slater's - July 2011
Mansker's, Slater's, Lumsley, Madison, and Dry Creeks - April 2011
Mansker's Creek - November 2010
Slater's and Mansker's - October 2010
Slater's, Mansker's, Dry, Lumsley, and Madison Creeks - July and August 2010
Slater's Creek - July 2010
Dry Creek - June 2010
Town Creek - May 2010
Slater's Creek - March 2010
Mansker's Creek - November 2009
Walker's Creek - August 2009
Mansker's Creek - August 2009
Mansker's Creek - April 2009
Town Creek - May 2009
Dry Creek and Slater's Creek - June 2009

We've had hundreds of volunteers assist with stream clean-ups and have successfully removed thousands of pounds of trash, debris, and hazardous waste from our creeks.  Still, more help is needed.  Join us for our next clean-up and help make a positive difference in the life of your stream and your water quality!


The stormwater hotline number is (615) 859-2740.
This is the number for the collection of information regarding water quality concerns.
In addition to calling the hotline number to report a violation, you may also complete the Stormwater Violation Reporting Form.