Planning Your Event

Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation has many locations that are ideal locations for events.  If you are planning an event to be held on City property, and the general public is invited to participate or attend, you must complete a Special Event Application and other required forms.

If your event, or use, includes any of the following, a Special Event Application must be completed:
  • Any event in which the number of people in attendance exceeds the capacity of the individual shelter
  • Any event involving the solicitation of goods, services, donations, or affiliation from the general public
  • Any exhibit, musical or dramatic performance, fair, concert, play, radio or television broadcast, other than news transmission
  • Any exhibit or display of a motion picture, television program, light or laser light display or similar event
  • Any event involving the erection of a stage, scaffold, platform or other structure
  • Any event involving the erection of tent space (individual or combined) larger than 400 square feet (20'x20')
  • All sports tournaments, league events and competitive or fundraising races, fun-runs and walks
  • Any other events interfering with the use of park space by the general public
All applications must be submitted for approval at least 30 days prior to the event.
For additional information, and for more information on the appropriate event application for your purpose, contact Robbie Brigham at 615.851.2231.

Event Applications