Criminal Investigation Division

Welcome to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
Police of Officer Badge
This division is responsible for all investigative functions and follow-ups involving violent crimes, crime scenes, property crimes, auto thefts and thefts.

The detectives receive specialized training in areas related to criminal investigation, including:
  • Death Investigations
  • Crime Scenes
  • Fingerprints
  • Evidence Handling
  • Sex Crimes
  • Court Presentations
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing Techniques
How CID Works
The CID Unit is made up of sworn police officers assigned to investigate crimes. Once the patrol officers take a report from a citizen, it is up to the CID Detective to conduct a thorough, accurate, follow-up investigation of the incident.

Criminal Investigation Division Detective Contacts
Sgt. Brian Matthews
Ph. (615) 851-2229

Det. Joe Bardill
Ph. (615) 851-2210

Det. Les Carlisle
Ph. (615) 851-3753

Det. Stan Hilgadiack
Ph. (615) 851-2240

Det. Miranda Vaughan
Ph. (615) 851-3752

Reporting Crimes or Suspicious Activities
Ph: (615) 851-5111
Fx: (615) 851-3751

If you have information about criminal activity or have drug related tips, call GPD's Tip Line
(615) 851-2259. If you have an Emergency, call 911.