Communications Division

Years ago we were called "Dispatchers" and some people still call us that, but in today's world of emergency services we do so much more than that. Today, we are the heart and soul of the City emergency services. No matter what the problem, we find the appropriate City Units to respond and solve problems as quickly as possible. If the call is a medical, police, or fire emergency, or a concern that requires a public work response such as a streets or highway problem, we pride ourselves in giving the finest possible appropriate response to our citizen's concerns.

A Communications Officer is not a sworn police officer; we are civilian employees who work for the police department. Each Communications Officer must be knowledgeable in the operation of the five different computer systems that we use to perform the many different jobs for all of the City emergency services. Each officer receives a 40-hour training class at the TBI and a 40-hour class with a certified APCO instructor. We also have weeks of on the job training with training officers before released to answer emergency calls on their own. Each officer is also certified to give CPR/AED instruction over the phone if needed until EMS arrive on the scene.

The Communications Division, in addition to answering 9-1-1 phones, the Fire emergency phones, the business lines for the police department, also dispatches and monitors the Police and Fire/EMS radio channels. We broadcast information and requests from surrounding agencies, and monitor weather conditions and TDOT cameras for traffic problems.

Communications Officers Save Lives!
Every day we strive to "save seconds" as we quickly gather our information and send the needed Police, Fire, or EMS units to emergencies in our City. Those "saved seconds" translate into "saved lives" for the citizens and visitors to the City of Goodlettsville. The City is proud of this group of men and women who serve the community on a 24/7 basis. 
For Emergencies, Call 911
Calls for Service (615) 851-5111
Fx (615) 851-2226